There is something ridiculously special about seeing your best friend from childhood with her own little one.  It is magic.  So here is Hanna, who I met almost 30 years ago and with whom I shared so many adventures of childhood, with her lovely husband Ciaran and their little B.

I love you Hansie.

Oxford photographer_0021Oxford photographer_0020Oxford photographer_0023Oxford photographer_0022

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Sisters Sarah and Lisa live on opposite sides of the world, so it was really special to work with them and their newly acquainted little ones during a visit to Oxford.  We had a lot of fun and those little ones certainly made me work!  Some very sweet results.

Family photography OxfordOxford photographer_0016Oxford photographer_0017Oxford photographer_0018Oxford photographer_0019

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Hello there.  I am back – in body at least, if the spirit is lagging slighting.
The last 6 months of 2013 were crazy – lots and lots of lovely work, and I was consumed by it and attempting to preserve a sniff of time for my lovely family, so things like blogging had to give.  In December, I decided it was time to shift gear, and opt for a new website, branding, products and prints, so I spent a lot of time thinking about all of that.  I want to get it all right, and I want to be offering my clients the best possible stuff, and all in line with ethical principles I hold dear.
I then disappeared to Switzerland to spend a few weeks up some mountains.  It was stunning.
It looked a bit like this:
This kind of dawn view from the balcony makes being woken up by a three-year-old more ‘wow’ and less ‘ugh’.
It was the first time I had an iPhone, and wow, it was fun not carting more kit around, and still capturing some lovely things.
So what’s new in 2014?  Well, my re-branding, website update and product research is all going on in the background, and I’m really excited bout sharing it soon.  To give you a taste, I took a marketing course (run by the wicked Jamie at Modern Tog, and have come up with a ‘Big Three’ to describe my business and values:

Beautiful      Personal      Natural      Ethical

Ok, so it’s a ‘Big Four’, but that’s how it goes.
Anyway, I will be blogging more work soon.
In the meantime, I leave you with some beauty I noticed on the work with the Bee to nursery this morning – on cars (talk about finding beauty in unexpected places!).
Happy 2014 – hope it is a wonderful year for you, with lots of wonder, warmth and laughter.
Mim x
PS Am so excited that everything I post will look so much better soon, on my new site – bring it on!


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