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My name is Mim, and I take pictures. Lots of pictures.  I’m a little obsessed. Sometimes it’s a bit irritating for my family, but it’s great for my clients.

I am a freelance photographer living in East Oxford, and I love creating images of people.


My photographic journey began some time in the early nineties, with my first camera.  At that time, I never once imagined photography would one day be my profession – I was going to be a doctor.  In 2003, I spent a year living abroad in a block of flats with over 50 other students from all over the world as part of a Modern Languages degree.  I took my camera and painstakingly documented every moment of fun, the occasional moment of heartbreak and made some arty and unusual portraits.  When I got my rolls of films developed, people would spend hours crowded round the albums, laughing at what we had captured.  Everyone wanted copies.  And I knew then I was seriously into image making.

In the years that followed, I worked for the British Council and a grassroots environmental education charity (COIN), and completed an MSc in Environmental Policy at Oxford University.  All the while,  I felt my work was lacking something.  I continued to document friends’ weddings and do occasional portraits for fun, and when I became pregnant on a short-term contract, it was the opportunity I needed to experiment with taking my photography to the next level.

My business began in 2010, shortly after my daughter, Maya, was born, and since then I have watched both grow and flourish in wonderful ways.


My style is natural and personal.  I work with natural light on location, preferring to use flash only when absolutely necessary, and rarely working in the studio.

Portrait shoots with me are relaxed and fun.  I see creating great images as a collaborative process and work with each client to explore what works for them.  I bring with me my shiny professional kit, easy-going nature and creative eye, and together we make beautiful pictures.  My clients (even the most camera-shy) are always telling me how easy the shoot felt, and how the images are better than they ever dared to hope.

Want to know more?  Find out more about my portrait photography.

I love photographing weddings and partnerships.  Every time I work with a couple, I feel honoured to be sharing that space and time with them.  I see it as my role to quietly and creatively capture all the precious moments and people, leaving the couple to immerse themselves in the celebration.  I offer wedding photography that tells the story of the day using a natural reportage style, and also take more formal portraits and group shots, depending on what my clients want.

To read more about my wedding services, follow this link to the wedding photography section of my website.

I also offer a range of commercial photography services, including headshot photography and event photography.

My post-processing is also natural in style and my editing is minimal and understated.  I never make changes to a individual’s face or body without a specific request, and I do not buy into or wish to perpetuate the idea that we should all look somehow other than we do. Instead, I am interested in capturing moments of genuine connection, and spreading the beauty of the real.

Read more about my editing style here.

Social justice and the world around me matters, so I run my business with that in mind.  You can read more about my green and ethical photography business.


Kit-wise, I use Nikon and love it.  For my post-processing, Lightroom is my digital darkroom, and I occasionally dip into Photoshop and Gimp for artistic effects.  I am seriously proud to be listed as a Regional Photographer for the Beautiful Body Project.  My work has been featured in Vogue, Permaculture Magazine, The Guardian and The Sun.

As well as working as a freelance photographer, I work as an environmental research at the Environmental Change Institute, running a project called agile-ox. I am also a Director of Cultivate Oxford, a co-operative social enterprise owned by the community and dedicated to local food in and around Oxford.

When I’m not working, I’m happiest somewhere in the woods, up a mountain or by the sea, with those I love, and maybe a camera or two.

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