Back in the ‘summer’ I spent a lovely morning working with beautiful little Eilish and her parents at their home.  She is so perfect, she made me broody (yikes) and I love some of the shots we got together.  Eilish was feeling a little grumpy when we met, and the shoot was a real team effort, with mum and dad responsible for distracting noises and putting her through her paces with a baby triathlon – seemed to work a treat, and very London 2012, Eilish.

Below are a few favourites. Thank you for humouring us, little Eilish, and my, doesn’t your dad do a fantastic dolphin impression?

Sorry Eilish, am I interrupting your nap Missy?
Favourite feet shot

Lunchtime – a very gentle mum and baby shot, I love it

Whole world in his hands

Feet! (essential baby shot)

Fixing my gaze

Perfect hold (another baby essential shot)

Daddy’s love

Beautiful family – congrats guys!

Oxford baby photographer

In early June, I spent a week photographing (and staying in!) the beautiful 18th century chateau that is Goursac.  Living in a converted barn across a beautiful Lime-tree-lined lawn is Betrand Davezac, whose family bought the chateau when he was a boy.  An art historian, he abandoned his own painting at 16, and his adult life was spent almost entirely in the US, where he was curator to a number of collections, including Houston’s Menil Collection.  Within the Collection, there are a number of paintings by Rene Magritte, and I’m a fan.  A number of paintings by the artist which I find particularly intriguing are of a large house at night, with yellow lamp-lit windows, including ‘Fin du Monde’‘L’Empire des Lumieres’ (1954) depicts what appears to be a nighttime scene of a house, but with a daytime blue sky above.  Wondering around the delicious cricket-chirp-filled Goursac gardens at night, when I tore my gaze from the millions of stars, I noticed that the chateau had a similar feel to the Magritte images, and I wanted to create a Magritte- and Betrand-inspired image of the place.  Below are a couple of my favourites, as well as a portrait of the amazing Betrand Davezac on his drive.  Many more pictures of Goursac to come, but in the meantime these will have to do!  I am really happy with the way the night images turned out, and they have not been manipulated to improve in post-processing – what you see is what I saw on that summer night.

Oxford photographer

Betrand Davezac – a wonderful and fascinating host

Way back in February, I spent a wintery afternoon working with folk quartet Kismet at Iffley Church.  The remit was to create images which spoke of abundance, and we spent a lovely time creating a stunning mandala using cross sections of fruit, on the church floor.  The images which have been subsequently used by Kismet in their publicity material, and in The Oxford Times, don’t feature any fruit as it happens, but I’m sure you’ll be glad to know it was very tasty – if only all my sessions culminated in a fruit binge on a cold church floor, with the sound of laughter and friendship echoing around the room.  A great gang to spend time with.

Kismet make beautiful music.  ‘Tender songs and passionate uplifting tunes. An exciting ensemble weaving delicate vocal harmonies with a rich variety of instruments.’  They are playing as part of Oxford’s upcoming ‘Kicking the Bucket‘ festival (, which began with an open morning at Helen & Douglas House, and runs into November; much anticipated highlights include a Mexican Mariachi Band and dancers at the Four Pillars on October 26th.  See the website for details and tickets.

The festival organiser is Liz Rothschild, who runs Westmill Woodland Burial Site (  I did a shoot with Liz over the summer at the burial ground and her beautiful farm, to create images for the festival publicity, so look out for my work on the site – blog post to follow soon.  In the meantime, here are a couple from my shoot with the lovely Kismet.

Group portrait Oxford

On Friday night, I took advantage of the perfect combination of beautiful evening light (the ‘golden hour’) and three very special and willing models, and did an impromptu shoot with my partner’s god daughters in their back garden.  A washed out blue wall formed the backdrop, and the girls (‘The Beans’ – Zoe and Maisie, twins aged 9, and Boo, aged 7), fresh back from summer holidays in Italy, looked stunning in their tanned and carefree state – and so full of life.  It was a really special moment.  I especially love the images of the twins – that sun-kissed holiday look makes me nostalgic, I remember coming back from holidays like that with my parents, complete with new summer frocks and boosted confidence!  Below are a selection of favourites – enjoy. 

And thank you lovely girls – you ROCK!

Twins (and my favourite)

Sisters Boo and Zoe

Another clear favourite

Three Beans

What are you thinking about, Zoe?

And another favourite

Beautiful Maisie

The beautiful Zoe

Love this one too…


Beautiful one of Zoe – so composed

Tank tank does some modelling (woof)

Up here!

Child portrait photographer Oxford
Family photographer Oxford

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