Wedding photographers: how to choose


Happy day, happy couple, happy photographer.  That’s where it’s at.  It’s obviously important to choose the right photographer for your day, as these celebrations are wonderful, but they can also be a bit of a whirlwind and pretty stressful; you want to be sure you have the right person on your team, before the day arrives.  In my experience, there are two key factors to think about when choosing your photographer: style of image, and the person behind the camera.

  •  Style of image

Different photographic styles result in very different images, so it’s really worth taking a good look at the portfolios of a few photographers to get a feel for what you like and don’t like – here’s mine.  I would considering the following when choosing your photographer: are you looking for more traditional and posed images, purely informal reportage-style, or a combination of the two?  And at the end of the process, do you want the finished images be true-to-life, or would you prefer them to be more edited and stylised, or even use quirky post-processing techniques like spot colour?

My photographic style: I tell the story of your day using a creative and stylish reportage style, and there is the option to combine this with a selection of thoughtfully assembled, more posed portrait shots.   No-one wants to stand around for hours whilst endless portraits are painstakingly arranged, so you tell me how many portraits you want (if any at all) and I work with you to find the best time in the day and location for the shots, to cause minimum disruption to the flow of your day.

My editing style is minimalistic, and I want my images to look like what I saw on the day.  I am capturing the beauty of the reality.  You can read more about my style of editing here.

  •  The person behind the camera

The second thing to remember is that different photographers come with different personalities and ways of doing things.  It is really important to choose someone you feel you can work well with on the day, and around whom you feel relaxed.

About me: The best way to get an idea of what I am like is to meet me for a no-obligation chat and cup of tea.  You can also read the ‘about me’ section of this site.  Another good way to get some idea of what you can expect from working with me is to read the words of those who have worked with me already.  Clients really value my ability to put people at their ease and my unobtrusiveness when photographing weddings.  I do not interrupt ceremonies to get my shot; I get the shot without you noticing.

Others qualities clients have mentioned include the fact I am friendly, professional and confident; patient and flexible; organised and efficient; relaxed, gentle and natural.



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