Portrait testimonials – happy daters




“My internet dating was going nowhere and I decided some new, proper photos might give me a fresh start. Mim’s wonderful portrait photographs were very flattering, whilst still looking like me and remaining pretty informal. She gave me loads to choose from, wearing a couple of different outfits and I added the best two to my profile. This really made a big difference, both to my confidence and to my responses online. After a couple of false starts, I have found the most wonderful and amazing man. Highly recommended.”




I really enjoyed working with Mim. She was relaxed and friendly and welcomed me with coffee. I was able to chat with her about what I wanted, which was happily unlike my experience with another photographer who just wanted to arrange me in standard poses. It all seemed so like ‘having a few photos taken in the garden by a friend’ that I was amazed at the results. Merely by having me sit and walk around the garden she managed to capture a whole range of facial expressions and moods which are really ‘me’, together with a certain artistic atmosphere which is hard to define..She has sent me dozens of photos to look through and all are good. I think Mim provides a high quality service, and probably doesn’t charge enough!”




“Many thanks Mim for a lovely set of photos. I normally hate having my photo taken, hence never really having nice ones of myself – but the session was just so easy, comfortable and relaxed I more or less forgot about being self conscious, and am delighted with the resulting photos, you have captured so many lovely images, it’s hard to believe it’s really me in some of them!”




“I needed some quality portrait slots for work and personal use – and Mim really did the trick! Although it decided to rain on the day, Mim was able to work flexibly with me and the light to produce some amazing results which I am really happy with- thanks Mim!”




“I chose to work with Mim as I love her portraits and the fact she states she does pictures for online dating on her website.  I really wanted some shots to accentuate my personality and was convinced before meeting Mim that I am simply unphotogenic (a photographer once took lots of photos of me at an event to try and prove otherwise, but 300 photos later ended up agreeing with me!).

Mim came to my home, as I am self-conscious and she wanted me to feel comfortable and relaxed.  After a chat about what I was after, we worked together in my garden for an hour, reviewing shots and poses as we worked.  It felt like a collaboration, Mim has an easy manner, and as we talked and focussed on what was working in the photos, I began to feel more relaxed.  With her she brought a range of informal poses to try, and she was also very open to hearing what I felt might work for me.

My first response to the galleries was ‘wow, these are very, very good.  How am I going to get my selection down from the 50 I have highlighted to the suggested 20??’.  Cutting my list down was so difficult, and in the end I had to leave it at 25.  The photos turned out so beautifully.  In fact, I immediately ordered additional prints for my children, and am in the process of scheduling another session with Mim at a different location.  A big change in how I feel about myself in photos.

Once again, thank you for such lovely photos.  I can hardly believe how well they turned out.”




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