Spring sunset – 50mm love-in

This weekend was an intensely beautiful weekend.  It started with Oxfork poached eggs in the sun on Magdalen Rd (mmm) on Saturday morning, and finished on Sunday evening with a piece of cake at The Isis, down by the river.  We were in time to catch the sunset down there, and it was fantabulous.  The blossom has exploded out of nowhere, and suddenly, our local park, only a couple of weeks ago dusted in snow, is decorated with white petals from above, and purple and yellow heads of crocuses and daffodils from below.  I feel elated at this time of year – it’s so life affirming, and I can’t wait to spend more time outside, without so many layers on.  Unsurprisingly, this weekend I grabbed my favourite lens and took it along for the ride, and below are some of the results from Sunday afternoon.  Happy Spring (bring it ooonn)!

Cherry buds at sunset

Last summer’s fennel welcomes the spring

oh yeah!

Sunset on blossom – beautiful yellow light… mmm…

the 50mm at it’s best – i love being able to isolate a flower like that, but have the feeling of all the other petals beyond – probably about f/1.8

bye bye beautiful day… and so, to the pub (with a baby a pub’s a bit different, but still, to the pub…)

professional photographer Oxford

B l o g
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
G a l l e r i e s