Karen & Paul – wedding photography, part i

In January, I joined Karen & Paul for their wedding at Islington Town Hall.  Karen & I knew each other vaguely in our teens (similar circles, slightly different gangs), and it was lovely to be invited in as her wedding photographer, to document this very personal occasion.  Sorting through the images now, and trying to pick a few favourites (watch out, what follows is quite a large number of images…), I’m struck once again by the smiles and life-affirming happiness on everyone’s faces (yes, this is why I love snapping weddings).  Karen & Paul’s wedding was a great concoction of laughter and joy, combined with the sense that two individuals who love each other are making a serious commitment.

Well done both – and here’s to a great future, full of adventures!  And thank you for having me as your wedding photographer:)

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Islington Town Hall

Groom arrives

Groom & one of two best men

Bridesmaids Katie & Kate await the bride

Bridesmaid Andrea

The bride arrives – look at that smile!
Waiting to go in

Time for a quick pic before

The couple go in to register

Bridesmaid Katie

Bridesmaid Kate (yes, there are two Katies, one Kate and an Andrea:))

Bridesmaid Katie and a new friend



Beautiful bridesmaids

Celebrant calls Paul by the wrong name

What name will Paul sign in the register?:)

Paul shows his new ring to his sister

Wife & husband!
First moments

Oxford wedding photographer

B l o g
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
G a l l e r i e s