Close up with 15-month-old Bee – portraits with my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens part ii

As promised, my prime lens portrait shoot with a sleepy Bee – cue several yawns, distant stares and wide eyes, not a glimpse of her cheeky grin.  This is my third post about using this lens – first is here, second here.  Again, I’m really pleased with these portraits – they’ve got a very different quality from my usual portraits of the Bee, an intimacy I have been craving, which comes using a lens that allows me to up close and use a very shallow depth of field.  The result, as you’ll see, if that only small areas of her face are in focus – usually the eyes; I knew this could be special in portraits, but now I really understand why – these portraits capture how she often appears to me, as her mum, cuddling her and holding her close, and it allows me, as a photographer, to place emphasis on those beautiful eyes and long lashes, a pink cheek, an open mouth with a baby tooth or two… I love the Bee! And I’m falling fast for my 50mm prime too.  Some are in both colour and b&w – this is because I feel they offer something different as such; I have kept editing to minimum (exposure and white balance adjustments in a couple of places), so no digital retouching – personally, this is how I like portraits, as I want to see the Bee as she is, not how she would be if we all lived in a magazine (however, note I’m always happy to do some retouching if that is what portrait clients request).

Eyes in focus, nose not – holy grail of shallow d-o-f portrait photography!

Possibly my favourite

:)this really captures the Bee I know and love so much

Looking tired


Those eyes

Another yawn

Little teeth – another favourite

Love the feeling of soft light on this – another favourite
Looking out of the window – love this

Again, loving the soft light

B l o g
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
G a l l e r i e s