So autumn seems to be well and truly here – the good news is, it *should* (fingers crossed) lead to some days of really lovely hazy sunshine – and hopefully to some yummy photos.  Here are three of the Bee which I took during today’s photoshoot in Keith’s summerhouse.  I’m a little obsessed with mirrors, and I think the dappled sunlight coming through the beautiful willow next to us creates a lovely feel.
Here’s to an Indian Summer…

The Bee at eleven months – quite the model:)

I’ve been reading a book by portrait photographer Robin Gillanders (‘the photographic portrait’, 2004, David&Charles), and felt inspired to try a set of portraits with friends.  This is the first of the lot – our session took place this afternoon in Keith’s summer house – I added the Bee and a mirror to the mix, and Keith tried to add his cats, Hugo and Claire, but they had their own ideas (‘you want me to sit near a baby?!’).  Robin Gillanders repeats the mantra ‘keep things simple’, which is a idea that brought me some relief in recent times, when options (of location, kit, editing etc) have threatened to seem exponential and overwhelming (surely to be professional, I need at least 5 lenses, and three photo editing programmes on my computer…?).  Robin often carefully adds a couple objects to his portraits that tell us something about the sitter, and I really like the idea of playing with this method – see if you can spot the objects Keith and I have chosen!
These are a few of my favourites from a quick initial trawl of the results.

My favourite from the session – and of course one that I just took quickly on my way out at the end of the session – think that is often the way.  I love the light in this one – Keith has just had his sitting room knocked through, and is in the midst of putting up the shelves, hence the books – I really like the clutter they create in this picture though, I think it creates a nice balance and frame for the sitter – and it also speaks to me of a life in transition, being rearranged, which is very fitting for Keith at the present time.

Keith, the Bee & me

Anyone who knows Keith well will probably immediately spot the glass of juice.
Couldn’t resist including the Bee in this one…
Keith & Hugo.  I like the way they are both looking down.
Not sure about Keith’s expression here – think I could find a better one – but it still shows something I was trying to create – the mirror showing the nearby tree; Keith’s pile of fire wood; his books & tea; and the dappled light behind his head.

Highlights from today’s session with lovely brothers Jude & Reuben coming soon…

Welcome to the world Mr Reuben!


These two little friends of mine were off to a party when they gave me a minute of their time for some casual pre-party shots.  Beautiful models and great party outfits!

Just reading ‘the photographic portrait‘ by Robin Gillanders – I love his take on ‘amateur’ vs ‘professional’:  ‘Although I earn my living through photography, I present myself here as an amateur in the true sense of the word: that is, as one who engages with the medium for the love of it.’ (Gillanders, 2004).  Always important to remember why you are doing something.

This series is a favourite of mine – The Bee with her grandfather, on holiday in the Czech Republic.

The Bee & my father

B l o g
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
G a l l e r i e s