Yesterday the Bee and I joined her lovely cousin Lucy for her 2nd birthday party.  Lots of cousins, lots of cake, and a very beautiful sunset, all at a lovely location in rural Gloucestershire – the Bee had a great time (ice cream!), and, of course, I got my camera out and took some pictures.  The light was fantastic, and it was great fun doing a really quick photo session with the birthday girl, her big brother and sister, and some of their cousins and friends.  Hard to chose – very beautiful subjects -, but these are some of my favourites.

Happy birthday Lucy: hope it’s a brilliant third year! xxx

Cake & ice cream!

Lovely birthday girl

I love this one

With big sis Ella and friend Emily, who gave her a beautiful doll’s house

Beautiful sisters

The birthday girl with brother Seb and sister Ella


Friend Emily



And back to the beautiful birthday girl

So cute!

Happy birthday lovely Lucy!

I’ve been putting together a new website over the last couple of months, and it’s pretty much there, just in time for autumn (phew).  You can find it here – have a browse – and please share the link with your friends.

It has exciting new pages, detailing the photography services I offer:

And here’s a favourite of mine from one of my ‘baby group photo sessions’ – these little ones were 8 months, so it was great fun watching them interact.  You can see the whole session here.

    Last week I spent an hour one evening photographing Nicole at her home.  It was a good session – we had lots to talk about – and once again I felt grateful for the way in which this job allows me to meet and connect with all sorts of interesting people, and in a very interesting way – through a lens.  Tonight Nicole came to see the results of the session and went away happy, leaving me feeling happy too – it’s great giving people pictures of themselves that they really like.  Here are a few of our favourites.

    My favourite from the session

    Really like the light by the back door


    This little man is one year old, and gave me an hour of his time for a photo session on Friday afternoon.  It was a hot afternoon and we played outside for a bit (making grass soup in a bowl, that kind of thing), and then he showed me some of his favourite toys inside.  At one point, when his mum was upstairs, he toddled off to a cupboard and started playing with a bottle of brandy and a car, which was a great opportunity for some fun shots.

    It was hard to chose favourites from this shoot (I ended up with several hundred edited pictures!), but here are a couple I really like – enjoy!   

    Joe welcomes me to his home. 
    I love the unsteadiness of early steps, and shot a whole sequence of Joe walking around here.
    Note Joe’s mum in the background, making tea – I wanted to include her in the background as he was very aware of where she was at every moment

    Making grass soup
    Beautiful eyes!

    Brandy or rum??  Note the toy car he put in the cupboard when he removed the bottle – bet mummy will be pleased when she finds that…
    His keyboard – a real favourite (not so much for his mum, who is a music teacher!)
    Bike lights – Joe’s most recent discovery
    That’s more like it!  Joe on the piano
    Playing in the garden
    Nice light and a pensive Joe
    King of the castle!
    I love this one! Joe and his mum Sara

    Thank you Joe and Sara for a fun shoot in the sun!

    Mealtime can be a great time to get some good pictures of babies and children.  Watching little ones eat is good fun, and offers the opportunity for some really funny shots – you can watch them getting really messy (perfect photos to embarrass them as a teenager or at their wedding), plus, in general, they are tied to one spot, making the whole process easier for the photographer.  If lined up carefully, you can get a set of action shots that work well as a series, and could make a good card or framed as a group – perfect for the kitchen wall – in amongst the spaghetti.

    I often take pictures of the Bee at dinnertime – she shows such enjoyment of her food, and a wide range of emotions can pass across her features in a very short space of time.  Below are four of my favourites from a shoot I did of her eating spaghetti for the first time at nine months.  You can see the full set on my Flickr, here.

    If you’d like to get a series of your little one at dinner time, get in touch:)

    Possibly my favourite…?
    …but then there’s this one too…

    B l o g
    F a c e b o o k
    T w i t t e r
    G a l l e r i e s