Headshot photography for organisations


I work with university departments and colleges; charities; businesses, large and small to create high-quality headshots that everyone can feel proud of.

If you are an individual looking for some new headshots, I suggest you head over to my page about my 1-2-1 headshot photography sessions in the Oxfordshire area.



Headshots are the norm for organisational websites, social media, LinkedIn, marketing materials and all manner of publications.

With the advent of the web, and resulting increased distance between service provider and service user, people still like to know who they’re talking to.  Headshots help organisations to retain that personal edge and research has shown that people looking at websites spend far more time looking at photos of faces than the blurb next to them.

A collection of random, blurry, dated headshots on an organisation’s ‘Meet the Team’ page can be very off-putting to potential clients. This is your opportunity to stand out.

“Mim is a great photographer and a delight to work with. She gets people to relax in front of the lens and captures them in a moment of genuine expression. Her portraits really helped us to show Oxford staff and academics in another light. The photos are professional, good quality and we had plenty of choice. The photos have been well received by the college community I would highly recommend working with Mim!”
Anne-Marie Canning, Access and Schools Liaison Officer, University College



My headshot photography is fresh in feel.  I work with organisations to select locations and backgrounds which add some appropriate additional interest to images, as well as providing a pop-up studio background.

“Mim did a great job under challenging circumstances – quick fire portraits with academics itching to get to their networking event, and then reportage in horrendous lighting. We are really pleased with the result and the portraits give our website exactly the feel of quality we wanted, while presenting a friendly human face of our organisation.”
Nancy Mendoza, Society for Applied Microbiology



I work to ensure every individual in an organisation is happy with their images, by putting people at ease during the shoot, and allowing individuals to review and select their images themselves.  I often feel a little like a nurse handing out injections when I visit an organisation, as each person walks in nervously saying how they hate being photographed, and leaves saying “wow, that was painless!”

“People are always nervous about having their photo taken but what is great about Mim is her ability to put people at ease.  Everyone was really pleased with how pleasant and painless the process was and she got great shots.”
Jemma Risk, Shaw Gibbs 

I’m also highly efficient and flexible to suit your needs.  The whole process from start to finish is painless.

“Mim is delightful to deal with. She is professional and always available to help. She did exactly what we required and it took her almost no time!”
Judy Matthews, Reeds Solicitors




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